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We develop and teach courses based on the needs and requirements of companies, public entities (ministries, customs, export promotion agencies), and private associations interested in the topic (customs agents, private origin certifying entities). Our instructors are professionals with extensive practical experience in the application and negotiation of the rules of origin in different countries of Latin America and Europe.

The training courses may be based on existing materials or tailored to the interest and needs of the target audience. These courses can be a single short session or multiple interactive sessions. We have given trainings in all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as for entities in Africa and Asia.

The courses are offered in Spanish and English, on a face-to-face or virtual basis, with national and regional themes. The courses we have taught include explanations on Latin American, North American, European and Asian regimes.

They cover all topics related to the interpretation and application of preferential rules of origin in force, including, among others, the following:

  • Introduction to rules of origin
  • Components of an origin regime
  • Criteria for origin determination (Change in tariff classification, Regional value content and its calculation, Production requirements)
  • Treatment of special material (indirect, intermediate and fungible material, packages and packing material, etc.)
  • Rules for remanufactured products
  • Rules for specific sectors (Textiles and clothing, etc.)
  • Cumulation
  • Origin certification
  • Origin verification
  • Design and organization of origin control entities