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Advice and Analysis

What we do??

Preparation of on-demand reports on aspects of the negotiation, application, administration, and impact of origin regimes in free trade agreements. Our team can work with public and private officials to analyze and develop proposals for improvement in the rules of origin administration and control procedures. We provide advice to ministries of trade on the analysis of proposals in trade negotiations, both in terms of the rules themselves and in the design of administrative processes for the application of the negotiated regimes. We have experience in the development of institutional structures for the control and post-clearance verification of the origin of goods. We advise private companies in all aspects related to compliance with rules of origin, identifying the benefits available in trade agreements and the documentation necessary to take advantage of them. This includes supply chain analysis to optimize opportunities to make the most of tariff preferences under FTAs. We also help them to be prepared in the event of an origin verification by customs.

How do we do it?

We have a network of expert consultants on rules of origin in most Latin American countries and in some extra-regional ones.